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Latest Episodes…

  1. Talkn’ Story with Shane Borza

    Shane Borza is a Climber, Creator, and Coach who combines his love of mountains and sharing stories with his mission to help others. With 30 years of international climbing experience and almost 20 years as an indie filmmaker, Shane has been able to create many award winning films which center ...


  2. Talkn’ Story with Christopher Shiver of Extraordinary Being Movement

    Christopher Shiver is the Operations Coordinator for PSIO, “The New Yoga For the Mind”, light therapy glasses to help with depression, anxiety and so much more. He is the co-host and coach of the Extraordinary Being Movement. A certified N.L.P. Coach focused on 1-2-1 coaching for relationships and well versed ...


  3. Talkin' Story with Jonathan Brunasso

    In this episode of Talkin’ Story we chat with Jonathan Brunasso. Jonathan is not merely successful but he has risen to the top of the solar industry as the #1 sales professional in the country with POWUR. Jonathan shares his insights, work ethic, core purpose and values. ...